Patrik Nonini
Patrik NoniniCovatek CFO
Patrik is responsible of keeping everything working. Efficiency takes a lot of time. Our procedures have to be worldwide compliant. This imply cooperation between lawyers, government, logistic and people.
Giovanni Conca
Giovanni ConcaCovatek CEO
Giovanni is Our CEO. Covatek was born when he met Simone. They decided it was the right time to operate with a new holistic view and extend cooperation worldwide.
Alessandro Balzarini
Alessandro BalzariniCovatek Senior Eng
Alessandro’s experience is Invaluable. He’ve been almost in every country around the world.
Luca Tavasci
Luca TavasciCovatek Field Eng
Luca comes enjoyed Covatek and bring with him is 10 yrs experience as a field engineer around the world.
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Alessandro Balzarini
Alessandro BalzariniField Service Engineer
I’ve operated around the world in these last 10 yrs. English is my mother’s language and that helped me a lot. I enjoyed Covatek after a very long experience in oil&gas companies.
Luca Tavasci
Luca TavasciField Service Engineer
I love to travel, meet people and, most of all, solve troubles.
My last experiences was amazing. My last experiences in India and Russia gave me great satisfaction

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